We offer a simple, unique way to have your web set up. What makes us different is this: We remove almost ALL hassles to avoid meddling your busy time. Here’s how it works:

You just instruct us what to do, we build it for you for the whole year!

Are you looking for a part time programmer to do your website then leave and hard to find again when needed? We are a solid company that take care all the modification for a whole year in a simple price.

You don’t have to worry about hosting, programming languages, etc.

We will sort it all for you. That price includes hosting and a solid WordPress platform that can be transformed for very broad range of capabilities from simple personal portfolio sites to a solid e-commerce platforms.

You don’t have to worry about the price.

One very affordable price the Loyal Mate includes all these components: web hosting, web mail, web customizing and development, web design & SEO (for Fanatical mate), a beautiful theme and many more. Imagine you have to find developer/coder, designer, a marketer, and hire them on different payroll. Not to mention if you need them later!
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