What do you mean by any adjustment for content modification?

Your website content can be added, edited or removed by our agent by your instructions or direction. We call this unit of modification as “change request”. We are limiting the request to a fair usage of up to two change requests per month for Basic Mate, four change requests per month for Loyal Mate and sixteen for Fanatical Mate. Change request includes installing plugins, layout changes, content changes, etc. It does not cover complex or major request such as product development from scratch, which can be dealt separately and billed per hourly upon agreement.

What do I get on Loyal Mate package? ($19/mo – $228/year)

You will get the following features:

  • 1 (one) year supports of any non major modification at four change requests / month after the initial customisation upon signup. Yes, you can just ask us to upload things, adjust content, layout, etc. via our interactive chat or email. The initial customisation generally provide lot more change request to get the website mature and this is already in our package.
  • 1 (one) year domain of your liking (provided the domain name is a regular name, not highly priced name)
  • 1 (one) year hosting. No need to find other hosting.
  • Email account under your chosen domain name (e.g. tom@tomshoemaker.com) which you can check anytime from web mail interface.
  • 1 (one) beautiful theme from elegantthemes.com

For more info, please find out here.

What do I get on Fanatical Mate package?

In addition to all features in the Loyal Mate package, you will get extra 12 change requests per month for changes, totalling 16 change requests per month. On this package, we also offer support for WooCommerce or RealtyNa real estate website upon the standard WordPress engine. For more detail, please find out here.

What about Basic Mate package?

You don’t get domain and email address or hosting. You will have to provide hosting somewhere else then we can setup and customise the theme for you. You will only have two change requests per month after initial setup (which – of course – you will request many items). You can see more detail at this link.

What are the technology that you use?

We are using a flexible WordPress for our business and we have a team of WordPress specialists to execute your dream using it.
On top of that, we are using templates from elegantthemes.com. If you prefer a very customised template, we’re up to customising special Divi template. For backup, we use DraftPlus backup stored into Amazon S3 buckets. For real estate sites in fanatical package, RealtyNa is our platform and theme of choice.

What if I want to request more than what is allocated per month?

For out of quota request, let’s say we’re just a mate, so you can still have it done but we will notify you. Once you go double that request limit, you should be billed per hour at $20/hour.

How do I contact the Webmate support staff?

There are couple of methods which you can use at your preference. You can either email us at (support@webmate.co), use the ticket system, utilising Live chat in our page (webmate.co), our Facebook page, or by Skype (ID: webmate.co). All will be translated into execution and can be tracked using https://webmate.co/portal help desk support ticket interface.

What is the refund policy of this offer?

If you are not satisfied with our work, please let us informed immediately within a week of payment and we will give you a full refund. However, after the period of a week, of which usually the website will already be mature and live we cannot offer for a full refund.

What happened if I did not renew my yearly package?

In a grace period of 30 days, we will still host them. You can ask us to move the installation to another hosting for $25, or you can also move it yourself. If you do not renew the contract, We are not able to renew the domain so it best to transfer the domain to another hosting of your choice and you will have to extend yourself. We’re happy to help this transitioning phase.

Where do you host this ?

We are using several hosting companies. If you are located at Australia we are using hostpapa.com.au to host your site. For US and international sites we use hostmonster.com and tmdhosting.com.

Are there storage space / bandwidth limits?

No, but there is about maximum 60,000 number of files that can be uploaded. This is a soft limit that is very uncommonly reached. We will contact you if so, nothing to worry about unless your website is unusually high in number of files involved.