Fanatical Mate

This ultimate package will give you all that is needed to get your e-commerce business, realty sites, and so on. We offer hosting, elegant theme, custom domain name* (e.g. or with your own email inbox and address (e.g., all with one simple price of $600.

That’s not just it, what’s important is that we take care almost everything for your site. Updates, backup, and customisations for the whole year! We call it “change requests”. For example, you wanted to add new product into your store. Just drop us some email with attachments (or dropbox links), or reach us using live chat or issue a ticket in our customer portal and instructions to put it online along your texts. Our mate will soon implements it anytime you want it for up to sixteen change requests per month.

What’s more, we provide custom forms so you can integrate your web with customer data, exactly like you wanted to. For example, you wanted to deliver stuff after you receive Paypal payments after they give you the options for that item such as colour or sizes. We can manage to build such system for you. We also give the daily backup feature in order to safe-keep the data for the last three days in reach and SEO.

It does not stop here, with fanatical package, we will also handle graphic stuff such as logo creation or favicon creation (icon that appear on the tabs of your browser), or even touchup of your content so your site has awesome look in all media. So let’s say we got yourself covered in the web front. You build your business, we take care the web for you.

Last but not least, we provide 3 days retention backups. Your entire site data for the last three days will be backed up automatically to our safeplace. However, you can easily download it and place it into your system anytime you like.